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Personal Clients Testimonials
The following is a selection of testimonials from some of our personal clients. Some clients have asked to remain anonymous.


Denise Allen, Headteacher

You have been an outstanding support through your coaching. Your empathy and responses have had the right mix of challenge and support. I have felt very safe to share my deepest concerns and difficulties with you without any judgement being made by you, but only encouragement from you for me to find my way through them and that has given me a significant sense of achievement. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others. 



Claire Harding, Brand and Properties Director
HarperCollins Children's Books.

I feel extremely lucky to have Katie as my Coach. I have been a private client of Katies' for over two years and the work we have done together has had an extremely positive impact on my career and life in general. I have grown professionally and now understand my work preferences and the environment that plays to my strengths.

This has had a profound impact on my career choices and most importantly I really appreciate my work life balance.

I enjoy working with Katie and admire her informal yet very professional approach to coaching. Her depth of coaching knowledge, ability to flex her coaching style and her true passion for making a difference to peoples lives and careers comes through in our sessions and the support she gives me as a client.



Janine Alexander

“I have found in Katie a person who I can completely trust. She is always up-beat, positive and inspirational, I never leave our phone calls without a huge smile on my face and the feeling that I am going to climb Everest in the afternoon!

I find our "chats" enlightening, often provoking thoughts and theories that have lain dormant for a long time. Katie’s questions make me look at my life and myself in a new way - with confidence.

She pushes me in areas that I need to be pushed and allow me to share thoughts and feelings that I’ve struggled to keep inside. The relief I feel afterwards is quite amazing and I am now achieving things that I had only hoped for.”



Jenny Davis

"Katie has been my coach for nearly 6 months now. I began coaching at a time in my life where I'd reached a cross-roads and had a clear idea of where I wanted to be but unclear as to how I could get there. Katie appeared at the perfect time and has emerged as the perfect coach.

We work brilliantly together and I really feel we're like a team but most importantly she's on my side. I've found Katie to be refreshingly and unremittingly honest. This has made our partnership very safe because I trust Katie's feedback, which is always sharp and sound.

Katie has the gift of enabling me to unravel the fog in my thinking. She always maintains the answers lie within ourselves and in a really skilful way, Katie helps me tap into my own resources. Therefore she doesn't provide easy answers or ready solutions but by asking the right questions she guides me to find them for myself.

I think the excellence of any artist ...creator ...professional is manifest in the apparent simplicity with which they carry out their task. Katie is an excellent coach. She is professional, intelligent, honest, challenging, dynamic, compassionate, but the most significant quality is that Katie is profoundly optimistic and therein lies her coaching magic.”



Name withheld

“I worked with Katie over a period of several months. During this time Katie helped me to focus, find my true values and have the courage to tackle some of the issues I had hidden in the far corner of my closet. Specifically I was having problems in my relationship, ultimately deciding if this was the right thing for us or not. Katie helped me to really look at the relationship in detail, to analyse the issues and to determine if it was possible to work through these. More importantly, by working through the issues in a logical process the worry and stress evaporated leaving a calmer environment, which in turn had a great effect on the relationship. We are now amazingly happy and building a positive future together.

Katie also helped me to re-evaluate my career. I wasn't satisfied at all in my current role. Katie, through the use of several techniques, helped me to identify my true values. Having identified these it was much easier to take a true look at my job and decide if it was offering all that I required. As a result I pushed for other projects enabling me to work in areas I truly had a passion for.”


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