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Corporate Client Testimonials
The following is a selection of testimonials from some of our corporate clients. Some clients have asked to remain anonymous and in these cases, we have listed their job titles.

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Actuarial Function Director, L&G

Katie has been an inspirational coach and a great motivator. She has a warm, engaging, style, yet is also challenging when necessary. I have taken practical steps to improve my own performance as a result of the coaching I have received from Katie, and would be very happy to recommend her to anyone seeking a coach.


A top 100 leader in a Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

I have benefited from Katie's coaching for over 4 years now - a time that has seen significant development in my career and life outside work.

Although initially supported by my company, I now engage Katie in a private capacity as I know the value she brings in my development and success.

I first benefited from Katie's coaching as a newly appointed Director, when we worked on my communication and influence skills in the context of senior stakeholders. Her ability to offer really insightful feedback and challenge as well being able to draw on a broad kit-bag of tools and techniques to help hone my capabilities was invaluable.

In parallel with this, Katie developed and facilitated a program to work with my new team and I to establish our vision, goals and self-awareness, helping to achieve our ambition to be a 'high performing team.' I have no doubt that Katie's work with us played a significant role in our effectiveness and success.

Katie support was then instrumental in helping me develop my career and, particularly, building my confidence to make a significant change after more than 15 years with one company. Katie's coaching played a major part in my successful transition into a new role. I was also benefited hugely from being able to draw on Katie's network of associates who supported me in CV development, interview technique and contractual engagement.

I have continued to benefit from Katie's coaching as I have grown in my new, substantially larger, role and tackled the challenges and seized the opportunities that inevitably arise in operating at a senior level in a global organisation.

I have no doubt that Katie's support and challenge has been instrumental in my progress towards achieving my career and life goals over the time we have worked together.

I have no hesitation in recommending Katie Rowland & Associates generally and Katie specifically to anyone looking for coaching support for themselves or their team.



David Pitt, UK Operations Director, RSA.

The coaching and assistance I have recieved from Katie has been really
beneficial in helping me develop myself and really take control of my

I have been working with Katie now for over 6 years, now the meetings are on
a less frequent basis but really do help challenge and support my
devlopment. My career and development has helped me move through various
level 3 roles, including helping me make decisions like moving to China as
the CEO, to coming back to the UK and becoming Operational Claims Director
and now UK Operations Director.

I have certainly grown in confidence and this has driven real delivery in
my role
. The safe nature of the discussions allows me to open up but Katie
has been really helpful to push and get me thinking and making my own
decisions, the mix of asking the right questions mixed by models to help me
has been really helpful.



Nigel Gosden - Head of Core Claims - RSA UK

I have been working with Katie across the year (2009). Katie has really
helped me consider how best to tackle some of my most challenging work
issues. Allowing time to listen and debate, challenging my approach,
coaching my influencing styles, developing my thinking and using
educational business models to really stretch my performance further than I
have ever gone before. I have found this first year with Katie to be



David Pitt, Royal Sun Alliance plc - Shanghai Branch

"My work with Katie has helped me develop my career. I am now in control of my career and also my development, the coaching sessions have helped me become more focussed and also commited to what is really important to me.

The session helped organise my thoughts and challenge my thinking,whilst allowing me to make some key career decisions, such as making the move to China to become CEO. Katie has helped me to unlock my own potential and to really challenge myself."



Chris Pinnington, Global Chief Operating Officer at Euro RSCG Worldwide

"Katie is mediocre, lacks insight and has generally poor ideas. (What else would you expect me to say about someone who's so wonderful that I'd like to keep her exclusively to myself?)

Euro RSCG Worldwide logo



Steve Auckland, Managing Director of Metro newspaper

Katie Rowland has been working with Metro as an executive coach to our most senior people for 4 years. During this time many of them have moved to positions of even greater seniority as a result of their accelerated personal development supported by Rowland and Associates. Katie successfully adapts her style to the widely differing personalities and challenges of the individuals on Metro's Board.

As a result they have all been able to become more effective through her coaching, and have made even more significant positive impacts on the business.



Richard Mead, Assistant Managing Director, Metro newspaper

"Working with Katie over the last three and a half years has been invaluable to the developments in my career. My role has evolved considerably over the period, and at each change I have been able to work through key situations and find options to face new challenges with her help and support.

In our sessions we have covered everything from a stressful house purchase, relationship problems and health issues to strained working relationships, difficult management situations and raising my work profile.

The coaching has helped me in very real and practical ways, and definately assisted me in progressing my career."



Anthony Worssam, Head Of Special Projects, Metro

Katie's encouragement and objective feedback helps me explore the motivations and aspirations in every aspect of my life.

The total attention I get from Katie during our energising 90-minute sessions gives me the opportunity to realise my full potential, to the benefit of both my career and home life.

It's the most productive use of a company's training budget I've yet experienced.



Grant Woodthorpe, Trading Director, Metro Newspaper

"I've been working with Katie for 4 years now. In those four years, my career progression has been superb - I've gone from being a group head to Trading Director of one of the UK's leading newspapers.

Her coaching skills are second to none and I have recommended she work with all senior management accross the operation"



John Leitch, Director of Partners, Metro

"The learnings and inspiration I've gained from working with Katie have benefited me hugely in my professional and personal life. I'm confident everyone could benefit from Katie's coaching."



Director (name withheld), Metro

"Although originally very skeptical about the whole idea of 'life-coaching', I found Katie's practical, problem-solving approach very useful in sorting out my own ideas on what to do with my future."



Siobhan Forey, Group HR Director, Arcadia Group

I have been working with Katie in both a Group and Brand capacity for about 3 years now. In that time she has challenged me both personally and professionally and proven to be a truly great coach.

In terms of support with my Brand colleagues Katie always uses great judgement and intuition to solve problems, resolve issues and move the team forward. She uses great tools to do this with a number of emotional intelligence exercises and examples that really encourage honesty and openness within the teams.

On a personal level Katie has made a real difference to my career through her coaching and support. Her style is informal yet professional, challenging yet supportive and above all honest and insightful. Through our coaching Katie has encouraged me to take risks, increased my inner confidence and really supported my development towards a varied and flexible career.

I never cease to be amazed at how flexible Katie can be in the adaptation of her style and her breadth of knowledge – she is someone who I will continue to work with for the foreseeable future.



Matthew Brown is Director of Targus France.

Matthew writes,“The essence of our working together was the need I had for organising and prioritising in my daily business activities. Katie’s excellent personal style of coaching, which is a fine balance between pushing and nurturing, combined with great knowledge of the tools available, enabled me to quickly and completely rethink and re-organise the way I worked.

The business results since October, when our coaching relationship began, are excellent – we are 30% over target and 70% ahead of last year. I feel far better equipped to look at problems, decide upon the best possible outcome, and then achieve it. I have a deeper-rooted feeling for where I am going with the business and how we are going to get there.

Because I now offer more focused leadership, team morale is much better and the staff can follow my solid lead more easily. I make better decisions more quickly, giving a new momentum to everyone’s efforts.

We are currently planning for our next financial year and I am approaching this knowing very much better what I want to achieve, what resources will be needed to achieve this, and feeling confident that I can present the strategy and the results it will obtain. This is a great change from making a budget and hoping we could achieve it."



Brett M. Johnson, Managing Director, Targus EMEA/AP

Brett writes “I am the Managing Director for Targus Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. My responsibility includes 25 offices, over 150 employees and sales in excess of $100 million.

I have known Katie Rowland for several years and have worked with her in a coaching/client capacity for the last three months. I have nothing but praise for Katie and credit her for improving my focus on priorities. She is completely dedicated to this field and is a natural motivator.



Adrian Brown, Managing Director of UK Retail

one of the 4 major UK businesses of Royal SunAlliance with an annual premium in excess of £400m. Adrian writes,

"When I first started working with Katie I was struggling to get the balance right between work, personal and family. Since working with Katie I have made significant progress by understanding the core issues, identifying things I could do to improve, setting targets and then addressing them. I have made substantial progress and this has not only made me feel that I'm managing myself better but also is rubbing off on my impact on my management team and helping them improve their balance and performance.

Not only have I made my life balance better but I have also become more productive at work by focusing on the key issues. All this has been achieved when life at work has been more pressurised than ever before.



Derek Allen. Managing Director, Comtech Computer UK Ltd

“I started with Katie Rowland about 5 weeks ago and I have been very impressed with the results so far. I have gained more confident thought patterns and she has enabled me to approach business decisions in a far more positive way."



Kate Franklin

"Katie is an outstanding business coach who helped me make significant changes in my professional life. When we started working together, I was doing well at work but at a great cost to my home life and sanity, with long hours and bad habits taking their toll.

Nine months later, my husband couldn't believe how much I'd changed. I was taking regular exercise, sleeping better and always leaving the office at a sensible time. I was really enjoying life again.

And rather than having to make sacrifices at work, that year I got my first ever 'outstanding' performance rating - directly attributable to Katie's influence. She is very positive and supportive, whilst at the same time relentlessly focussed on results and not settling for anything less than excellence."



Leanne Wales

"I have had the pleasure of working with Katie for some time now as a career and life coach. Having attended many management training courses over the years, I can honestly say, the work I have done with Katie has proven to be the most effective personal development I have undertaken to date. Katie has an innate ability to broaden your perspectives, challenge yourself and develop your all round capability and awareness in an entirely personable manner. I would highly recommend Katie to anyone seeking to develop themselves both career wise and personally."



Caroline Pearce

"Katie is a inspirational coach, who helped me to review every aspect of my life and career. She is both supportive and challenging, always encouraging and helped me to initiate a major and successful change in my career path, for which I will always be grateful."



Project Manager

writes "In four sessions of coaching with Katie Rowland I can testify to a noticeable, fundamental shift in outlook, resulting in improved productivity and increased effectiveness in dealings with colleagues at both senior management and junior executive levels.”



Head of HR for 2 business units

with responsibilities including managing a team of 60 HR consultants based over 20 sites, supporting 7,500 employees, writes;

"The company has been going through very dynamic times and the management of change is an absolute constant in a diversifying and highly competitive market.

The coaching experience I have enjoyed to date with Katie has been very illuminating. I have found her style relaxed yet focused, challenging and stimulating. At all times I feel like the decisions I make are my decisions and that I have the opportunity to structure the sessions to suit my needs. The process used is not onerous, but it gives a simple yet effective framework for each session.



Sales Manager (IT)

writes “Life coaching offers the opportunity to consider aspects of your life that are often neglected due to lack of time. It highlights the importance of taking time out to do things you want to do and of constantly re-evaluating what you want to do. After just a month of life coaching I feel new enthusiasm for my job, my personal life and every aspect of life as I realise that there is no situation that I have been forced into but that they are all choices I have made and as such want to make the most of every opportunity I have.



Name withheld, Managing Director

writes “My role as Managing Director of one of Britain's largest reprographics companies is very stressful and on a personal front I also have many difficult issues which need to be addressed and given direction.

Since working with Katie I have managed to get a clear focus of what needs to be achieved and in what order of priority. Katie has been available at all times to coach and understand and make me feel that I am achieving my targets. Her manner and kind nature makes it easy to communicate all my inner feelings and emotions.

I continue to work in this way to benefit myself and in the near future will be introducing Katie to other key directors of the company who I believe will benefit from her coaching.”


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