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Executive Coaching
Niche Workshops

At Rowland & Associate Ltd we know that working in a group can be a powerful setting for professional and personal development. Over the last 4 years we have designed and facilitated a number of workshops tackling a range of topics.

As well as the workshops below we are always adding new subjects to our portfolio. Because of our unique approach we can design one-off workshops or entire multi-phased coaching programmes to meet your specific needs and the needs of your leaders & managers.

Coaching Skills workshops
We run a number of active learning coaching skills workshops such as – Introduction To Coaching Skills, Master Coaching Tool Box, Coaching Skills For Managers, Developing a Coaching based Company Culture – each designed to suit the coaching experience and professional requirements of delegates.

Coaching has become a central part of effective communication, leadership, development and mentoring. The more comfortable leaders and managers are in using coaching skills such as Wisdom Access Questions, Silence, Be-Do-Have and Active Listening, the more effective they will become in formal or informal settings.

As highly trained and experienced mentor coaches we have developed workshops from the basic to the most advanced to challenge delegates to upgrade the impact of their coaching.

Outstanding Performance through developing Emotional Intelligence
What makes the difference between average performers and outstanding performers? The answer is Emotional Intelligence. 2/3 of the competencies that distinguish outstanding achievers in the workplace from the rest relate to emotional intelligence e.g. empathy, teamwork, self-awareness.

We can design a number of workshops and 1-2-1 follow up coaching programmes to identify areas of growth for your leaders and improve EI scores over time.

All workshops are highly participatory, challenging and fun.

Stress Reduction / Burn-Out Prevention / Work-life balance
When our lives are out of balance it’s like we will become stressed and struggle to perform to our full potential. Personal problems, health issues, concerns about finances and even perfectionism can affect our motivation, focus, commitment, impact our ability to work to optimum effect and potentially result in burn-out.

Our Work-Life Balance workshops give delegates the opportunity to identify areas in their lives that are not working well for them and design strategies to address their sense of balance and satisfaction.

A workshop of this nature can be the perfect introduction to a 1-2-1 coaching programme because it enables delegates to identify issues which can be addressed in their coaching sessions, or can stand alone.

Profitability / Innovative Thinking
No matter how creative the individuals in your organisation there will always be times when fresh ideas seem to dry up. Everything your best people can think of has already been tried or there are too many obstacles in the way for original ideals to work.

Our Profitability / Innovative Thinking workshop is designed to spark new creative ideas, address obstacles and develop a strategy so that great ideas turn in to great actions, which in turn effect profitability. Whether it be improving service, getting the edge over competition, handling personnel issues or originating a new vision for the company, our original, hands-on exercises enable delegates to look at challenges in a different way.

Media training
At some time, most of us will be expected to represent ourselves or our organisation in the media. And if this isn’t something we do every day, chances are we’ll be unsure about how to best prepare and present our story in print or on air.

The reputation of journalism is well known and if an experienced politician can say the wrong thing and find himself on the front page, why not you?

In this workshop we combine our coach-like approach with our journalistic expertise to improve the confidence of anyone in your organisation who may have to deal with the press. Delegates will learn how to prepare for an interview, what to say (and what NOT to say) and to understand some of the commonly used journalistic terminology.

This workshop is hands-on. Delegates will get a real experience of being an interviewee and leave with the tools to deal with any future interaction with the mass media.

Other Workshops
We have recently designed an extremely profound and impactful workshop – “Values-based Leadership”.

We also have a strong associate relationship with acclaimed author Mark Forster and have co-created – “Time Freedom” – a workshop designed to give delegates Time Freedom following the 2-day experience.

How do we get started?
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