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Executive Coaching
The Rowlands and Associates Approach
Our aim is to inspire excellence in people and organisations or to put it simply - we want to make you and your company 'brilliant.'

How do we do this?
Our executive coaching programmes are tailored to each organisation and run from 6-24 months. These may be for just one individual such as the Managing Director or for a whole team.

We help each organisation to identify the key areas where coaching would benefit the organisation. We develop a coaching strategy that 'fits' the culture of each organisation.

Our programmes break into three core areas:

Who do we work for?
We work for both corporates such as Royal Sun Alliance and small / medium size companies. We work most effectively with companies which have the following:

  • A commitment to the value of investing in their people in a serious, meaningful way (vs. making token gestures towards development).

  • An understanding of the value that can be gained from investing in their people.

  • People and staff who are open and "up for" working with a coach to gain the enormous benefits that are possible.
  • An understanding that sustainable benefits from coaching takes time and are willing to invest in 6- 12 month programmes (or longer).

How do we get started?
Please call us on 0208 220 2384 or complete our form and we'll be in touch straight away to discuss how we can help you and your company 'be brilliant.'