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Coaching Vs Consultancy Vs Therapy Vs Parenting
Why Coaching
Coaching Vs Consultancy Vs Therapy Vs Parenting
From time to time, our clients have issues distinguishing between coaching, consultancy, therapy and parenting.

The analogy below helps point out the differences between each relationship and the points that follow are intended to further clarify the differences between coaching and therapy.

Coaching – Is like riding a bike!
  • Consultant
    Studies the mechanics of riding the bike. Teaches you the laws of physics, how the bike is propelled, what is necessary for balance, and laws of motion/propulsion. A consultant tells you where to sit, where to put your feet and when to pedal. Then he/she leaves.

  • Therapist
    Discusses the basis for your fears about riding and consequences of falling. Discusses if your parents rode and why that might be important. Explains why it is important for your self-esteem or psyche for you to learn this and be successful.

  • Parent
    Buys the bike for you. May put on training wheels and take them off when they think you are ready. Runs by the bike holding on until you have the balance to continue and then cheers you on as you go riding off into the sunset. Occasionally will threaten to take away riding privileges if you don't comply with ground rules.

  • Coach
    Encourages you to try riding. Asks you if you need instructions on how to ride and asks where you might get them. Asks if you like the kind/colour of the bike you are about to ride. May even help you pick the bike up and help you on. Rides along side the bike "checking in" to see if you are enjoying the experience and asks what might make it more fun. Will help you discover what you need to take care of yourself when/if you fall. When you stop, the coach might ask about your experience and what was valuable, whether or not you want to pursue mastery of bike riding, and then, if you do, helps you devise a plan whereby you can attain that mastery. If you don't, then they may help you devise a plan to sell the bike.
Coaching   Therapy
Coaching is about achievements   Therapy is about healing
Coaching is about action   Therapy is about understanding
Coaching is about transformation   Therapy is about change
Coaching is about momentum   Therapy is about safety
Coaching is about intuition   Therapy is about feelings
Coaching is about joy   Therapy is about happiness
Coaching is about performance   Therapy is about progress
Coaching is about synchronicity   Therapy is about timing
Coaching is about attraction   Therapy is about protecting