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Why Coaching
55 Things Coaching Can Help You Achieve

Coaching can help you achieve many things in life and we have split the following into Individual and Business. You may also find the other two sections useful.

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    Substantially Increase Quality of Life
  • Establish the perfect balance at home, work & play
  • Identify & reach what you most want on a personal level
  • Increase your personal standards
  • Strengthen your professional & personal networks
  • Have more fun!
    Get More Done in Less Time
  • Get focused on what you most want to have
  • Simplify your life, responsibilities, projects
  • Automate systems for peak efficiency
  • Permanently eliminate list of to-do's
  • Reduce the shoulds, coulds & ought tos in life
    Communicate Much More Effectively
  • Say everything I need to; nothing withheld
  • Motivate others better
  • Respond better, in-the-moment, by hearing everything
  • Be able to ask for what you want
  • Ask the right questions
    Feel Better Physically & Emotionally
  • Get your home, office, car in perfect order
  • Recognise & eliminate any high, hidden "life costs"
  • Establish a reserve of time, space, money and love
  • Redesign your lifestyle habits
  • Get personal needs met
    Become Closer with Others
  • Attract & deepen relationships with quality people
  • Become more intimate with partner and family
  • Learn to enjoy people more
  • Develop adult-adult relationships, nothing less
  • Know what you want for others
    Eliminate the Hassles of Life
  • Stop suffering, tolerating, waiting, hoping
  • Stop having problems
  • Calm down; eliminate adrenaline, stress
  • Get complete with the past
  • Extend boundaries
    Make & Keep More Money
  • Start saving / investing 10 - 30% of income
  • Get a handle on spending, lifestyle, habits
  • Increase income by 20 - 200%
  • Handle debt, financial problems, crises
  • Stabilise cash flow
    Get on a Path
  • Develop your spiritual side / connection
  • Discover your personal mission, purpose, vision
  • Reorient life exclusively around your values
  • Develop stronger relationship with Self &/or God
  • Be internally peaceful


    Have a Successful Small Business
  • Start a new business
  • Increase profitability by 20 - 500%
  • Increase sales by 50 - 1000%
  • Develop strategic and action plans
  • Strengthen the internal management / systems
    Corporate Work
  • Build a co-operative culture of self-managing teams
  • Establish 5 - 20 year vision, mission and strategies
  • Train non-sales staff to sell too
  • Strategic repositioning in markets / industry
  • Double firm's sales volume and profitability
  • Develop a full, successful practice
  • Develop a strong reputation, be known as a model
  • Manage clients better
  • Increase sales and profitability
  • Recognise and eliminate high, hidden delivery costs