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Executive Coaching
1:1 Executive Coaching

This is aimed at selected individuals within an organisation who understand the benefits that coaching can provide and who are willing to invest time and effort into a programme. These could be:
  • Directors and Chief Executives
  • People on the 'succession plan' to join the board
  • HR and Personnel staff
  • Key members of staff

Programme Contents
Each of our programmes are indivdually tailored to the individuals requirements. The programme will be created after a series of consultations between the assigned coach and the individual.

The focus of each programme can be a range of things and will evolve over the course of the programme. The programme may focus on areas such as:

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence
    How to feel, use, communicate, recognize, remember, learn from, manage and understand emotions.

  • Increasing Performance Effectiveness
    How to be more effective and productive

  • Personal Impact
    How to make a greater impact on people you meet and work with

  • Leadership
    How to be a more effective manager and leader

  • Career Coaching
    How to effectively plan your career

  • Burnout Prevention
    How to handle stress and over working.

Programme Length
Our programmes typically run from six months to one year, although they can be as short as 3 months or as long as three years. The length of the programme is tailored to your organisations requirements and needs.

How do we get started?
Please call us on 0208 220 2384 or complete our form and we'll be in touch straight away to discuss how we can help you and your company 'be brilliant.'